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Good Morning Everyone! Todd it is amazing what can be done now and I am so happy you are benefiting from technology and you are feeling better. Thank goodness you had that implant. Irish, too bad you didn't call yesterday. We had lovely weather. It got up to 74 and sunny. It was really cruel because now I can't wait for the warm weather. It should be in the 50's and 60's the next few days but overcast or rainy. But at least it isn't freezing and this will green things up.

Today is busy, d/h was being nice to let us all sleep in, but luckily we all woke up in time. The kids both want to play ball this summer and join the swim club so sign ups are today until noon. So now I am kicking everyone in the butt to get them moving so they don't miss it because they will be very upset if they don't get to play this year. We haven't done any sports for a while because we were gone so much the last couple of summers. Well this year we won't be so I 'm glad the kids will get to do this. So watch out here comes the sport's mom!

I aurprised d/h when he got home. I presented him with a new license plate bearing the insignia of the university he attends and is now going to be employed by. He was so happy. The cat is even happy. Normally she tortures d/h for a day and ignores him and runs away from him because she's mad at him for being gone. Well somehow she's knows he's home for good. She won't leave him alone and was on him from the moment he walked in the door. It's strange how animals know.

Well I am off to little league sign ups. Pray for me!

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