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Good Morning Mates,
Now that it is offically Spring Break I seem to have come down with a cold. I just can't seem to warm up.

Last night we took my sister to the airport. She flew to San Jose and planned to leave today with her boyfriend for Puerta Vallarta. When they got ready to check in in San Francisco, she couldn't find her passport. We ere about to leave to drive to her house, 15 miles from here, when I decided to check in her car. Sure enough the passport and her address book were right there by the drivers seat. I guess they had fallen out of her purse. We were able to FEDX them, but she won't get it until Monday.
She and Dave plan to get married down there. Life seems to keep from getting dull.

Todd, that is amazing what science can do. Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

Beenie, so glad your husband is back home. Ir will be great for your whole family.

Judy, I hope your sunshine arrives in Colorado soon.

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