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Hello all,

I know I have been pooh-poohed, on this board, for daring to suggest that the POD problems on Celebrity m-class ships have not gone away, but the sudden emergency dry dock for first the Summit a few weeks ago and now the emergency dry dock for the Millennium it would appear that these mechanical problems are still haunting Celebrity m-class ships.

I have been hearing reports of severe vibrations coming from the PODS
on the Millennium since, January of this year. Having been on a POD cruise and experienced the same as what was described, the outcome comes as no surprise to me. This one indeed, has all the earmarks of yet another POD problem for a Celebrity m-class ship.

The passengers should also be aware of the fact that on our cruise and I still have a letter from Celebrity and the Captain of our ship, stating there would be no restrictions on our future cruise credit certificate. When I finally got the certificate from Celebrity some eight weeks later it was loaded with restrictions. For me that was the last straw in dealing with Celebrity and in in light of the treatment that we had received, most of the passengers on our cruise decided not to take any more chances with Celebrity and chose not to use the future cruise credit.

The main issue here is the fact that the Celebrity m-class ships are still unreliable, compared to the record of all other Celebrity ships and that of all other cruise line's ships.

I feel so sorry for those who were booked on that cruise and feel that most had no idea of the additional risk that they were taking. These poor people did not book the cruise of a lifetime hoping to get a future cruise credit from Celebrity.

Before I get flamed, I know that things happen on all cruise lines ships, but none have the same repeated problem that is now somewhere over twenty separate instances of the same or nearly the same exact thing.

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