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Default Kids on cruises

A gripe seen on another site:
After 10 days of sailing on the Emerald Princess (south & east Carribean) I am truly glad to be home. We made the mistake of taking a polite and well behaved 7yr old with us , our daughter that is. From the first to the last day of our cruise we encountered gross and unadulterated intolerance of Libby. We experienced dining room musical chairs as soon as we were seated and associated non-communication with cold stares. There was swimming pool issues if a child dared to raise their voice above a whisper or splash a passenger who had chosen to sit with their feet in the pool ( obvious poor choice if wanting to keep otherwise dry ) Lastly and most seriously after being given permission from the Pursers' office to use a quiet pool I was confronted by 2 unassociated individuals who proceeded to explain how annoyed they were by the presence of Libby ie 'Yes , she is bothering me' . At no time was she left unsupervised.
It is my belief that Princess could make it clearer that when families are in a tiny minority as we were this can lead to inversely proportional intolerance by the 'aged' majority.
Anyway I'll be finishing my current voluntary work with 'Help The Aged' with some sadness but all my previous affinity with this group has been used up by their more affluent peers.
Back to Hotels and Villas for us.
The most interesting discussion was about whether it is legitimate to want a child-free cruise-- and to change dining room seating if you're assigned to a table with kids.
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