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I was wondering how that dent got there!
We just got back last saturday. It was an awesome ship. I loved it. The crew was awesome. My husband and I were not that impressed with the food but we thought it decent. We liked our waitress at the Posh but she did seem a little grumpy when my husband ordered two or three shrimp cocktails at once but he was not into the other choices and that was actually his main meal since he is a little picky. I loved their steaks though! Perfect! We had a bartendar named Allan and one named "K man" and they were so nice and hilarious. I actually miss them! The deco on this ship is great! Loved it! The room was amazing and so very very clean. It took us 20 minutes from the time we left the taxi to get on the ship in the Everglades and when we disembarked, it took even less time! They kept those lines moving so fast that we did not get to people watch.

Happy sails!!!
Looking forward to our first cruise!
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