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Marc... I believe I discussed this several times through the 17 days of reports. I'd have to reread it all to point out exactly where, but a quick scroll back, and I found this :
’m not trying to infer that it’s a cruise line that would be a perfect fit for everyone. People’s tastes and what they want from their cruise vacations vary. But hopefully these daily reports have opened some eyes to the value of considering a luxury cruise experience, without a need for anyone to feel intimidated in any way about any requirement to qualify as a Silversea passenger, other than determining if it’s within range of what you’re prepared to spend on your cruise vacations.

Aside from the food and service touches, there is real calculable value to the nature of Silversea’s all-inclusive pricing. If you enjoy wine with dinner, sodas, bottled water, juices, a few drinks through the day, and the odd pre or post dinner drink, with no gratuities added or expected, this cruise line can be a viable and financially competitive option for you… particularly in today’s marketplace. And to top things off you can feel secure knowing you’re also going to have a great time.
Prices vary considerably on all cruises, so I certainly couldn't compare any EXACT pricing directly to any other EXACT pricing. But in my mind it's pretty clear I said is "real calcuable value"..... and Silversea program "can be a viable and financially competitive option".

By the way.. they tell me the draft on the life boats is 1/2 metre. That is a specific number
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