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I think it would be worthwhile to point out that especially now with so many specials prevalent on the luxury lines, suite passengers on mainstream and premium lines might want to take the leap and try the luxury lines. I know that my two cruises later this year have had wonderful cost savings in the last week.

The purpose of the report wasn't to talk about how great luxury cruising is. Or to encourage the move to luxury brand cruising. It was to describe the experience on the Silver Shadow, and Silversea specifically.

Obviously, you have a line of choice, and it's very nice that you got recent price drops for your cruises. You obviously were happy to book at the higher price, and whatever discounts occur will be a great bonus for you.

I think I let people know that at this time Silversea may be discounted enough to be considered good value, for those who may have not sailed them yet, or even considered them because pricing may have been out of their budget range.
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