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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by CanadianCruiseBooker
I just double checked the liturature and no smoking in the Ocean Bar... only Casino Bar and Crow's Nest... indoors anyways. Crow's Nest smoking only only on the Starboard side.
Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to adopt a new hangout in October ... the Crow's Nest. Shame. I really liked the Ocean Bar too.

Blue skies ...

Rita -- just off the Eurodam and there was NO smoking in the Crow's Nest. I wouldn't be surprised to see NO smoking inside any part of the ships in the near future.

The only place you could smoke was the Sports Bar and Casino. I am a smoker myself (trying to quit), but the stench from the smoke, even as you walked down past the Queen's Lounge to the Casino was awful.

Only place to smoke outside was the starboard side at the aft pool. People were also smoking at the Sea View Bar.

I think the time is drawing near where they will prohibit smoking in the cabins and verandahs.[/quote]

And it cannot come soon enough!!! Celebrity, to their credit, eliminated smoking in all their staterooms and verandahs, effective October 1st., 2008!!!
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