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As a parent who travels extensively with our kids I have repeatedly experienced the intolerance of some adults before our children open their mouths and frequently before they fully enter a room. While I know for a fact my children are not perfect I know that once people have given them a chance to know them they are pleasantly surprised. My youngest daughter has multiple pen pals (all mature adults) from all over North America that she met on cruiselines. My kids can speak intelligently on a range of topics and they know to chew with their mouths closed and to speak politely and use manners. It's unfortunate that they continue to face discrimination based on older people's perceptions as opposed to fact. The reality is that we have had a drunk adult take a pee on our stateroom door but we've never had a child do the same. Rotten kids are for the most part a product of lousy parenting, no matter what, people should take two minutes to get to know a chid before deciding they don't want to share a table with them. I give that same consideration to the adults that I'm assigned to eat with even though I may very likely decide after the first night that there is no way I want to spend a week's worth of dinners at a table with a guy discussing his girlfriend's best thongs or preferred positions. (sadly, true story)
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