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Originally Posted by rsumrow79
Just a note for anyone thinking of sneaking a little onboard. Just pack the bottles in your suitcase. Its really that simple. Unless you just have fun doing the extra work of putting it in water bottles, mouth wash with food coloring and feeling like a spy 8) . We always just pack a bottle or 2 (normally plastic) in each of our suitcases and off we go. And we fly when we cruise, so the airport is no problem. If you are worried about flying with it, just have your cab run you by a store after you land.

And as far as wine goes, there is no need to bubble wrap it and put it in your suitcase. You are allowed to bring 1 or 2 (cant remember) bottles of wine per person on with you, per CCL guidlines. Just put it in your carry on, or carry it in your hand, they dont care.

Good Luck!!

Randy and Heather

We are flying as well so this was def. a concern, i feel substantially better now. Thank you!
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