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Originally Posted by Pittsburgh Cruiser
Originally Posted by richsea
As always Debra, thank you for your insights. Where would we be without your constant flow of new information?

By the way, where did you see that the reason for the cancellation was the pods? I haven't seem that fact anywhere else.
I read the following today on Cruise News Daily
Originally Posted by Cruise News Daily
Bearing Problem Cancels Celebrity Millennium Sailing
* Deja Vu All Over Again
Mar 9 - Celebrity Cruises has canceled the March 15 sailing of Celebrity Millennium - and you've probably heard this before - due to problems with a thrust bearing in the starboard Mermaid propulsion pod.
This makes it sound like a pod issue to me. :o
Thanks Pittsburgh Cruiser for the article and welcome to cruisemates. This is a great place to get information and you will find no shortage of opinions here. Sometimes you just have to read all opinions and get the true facts and then make your own decisions when there are differing opinions.

Maybe my "insight" was not as irreverent as some would like others to believe.

Since many of my posts seem to be greeted with the same condescending comments by a few, I thought maybe we should review the posts of the "insights" from some who are so quick to dismiss anything that I say. Here are just a couple of their "insights" and I do quote:

"PODS were a source of problems for Celebrity in the first few years, but all of these ships have been overhauled and the problems fixed".

"But to set the record straight, Celebrity Cruises did prevail in the lawsuit against the manufacturer of the pods and the manufacturer supplied redesigned pods for these ships that seem to have solved the problem".

Just to set the record straight with the truth, Celebrity's lawsuit against the prime manufacturer, Rolls Royce, for about 300 million dollars has not been settled. A suit against another company, Alstom, who was also involved in the design and manufacturing of the PODS in question that are used by Celebrity on their m-class ships, was settled for something like 6 or 7 million dollars. The facts would indicate that the problem was not solved by the "redesigned" PODS. I don't think anyone really needs my "insight" to understand that one!

Happy and trouble free sailing to all,

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