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Default Mexico safe for tourists?

My cruise stops in Cozumel, and Costa Maya. I've been hearing a lot of new coverage about the drug war going on and the fact it's spreading to many areas of Mexico, as well as the border towns and Arizona. I know students were advised by universitys not to travel there during spring break.

Not only that but a relative of mine was drugged in Mexico while cruising with her husband and family and few years ago. Lucky for her nothing bad happened other then the fact she started acting strange, got really sick and then remembered nothing the next day. They were at some bars and did not leave their drinks so it's possible a staff member did it. I don't think she reported it but should have perhaps, though I doubt the line would have done anything perhaps they could have given her a drug test to find out what it was she was given. My guess is eather Extacy or the date rape drug.

In spite of this I love Mexico, but safety comes first. It's sad that this will probally hurt tourism there if things don't get undercontrol. A lot of honest hard working Mexican people depend on the tourist dollar to earn their living. I was wondering if I should switch to a different cruise with Eastern ports? But the things I most want to see and do are in Mexico.
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