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Originally Posted by Joe323
(The only reason we know is because they send us FF schedule so that we can avoid him....youngest son has Autism and panic attacks around mascots.)

Sorry to hear that. Hope all well
It has actually been an excellent learning tool.

Since Freddie was introduced in 2002, Carnival has sent us Funship Freddie's schedule before each cruise and we simply avoid where he is going to be (since he is only out a short amount of time).

Over the years (our 17 year old just finished his 30th cruise) our son has learned to compensate when there was an "accidental" meeting on the Promenade. And he is slowing allowing Freddie closer and closer with less and less panic attacks.

Now I doubt we are going to be having our picture taken with him any time soon......but our son has learned that he can co-exist with mascots and how to remove himself safely if he has an encounter.

You would not believe how many mascots you come across on a daily basis until you have a child with this phobia. (Sports events, Nascar, the place that cuts hair "Sport Cuts" uses a guy walking around as a baseball player, a tax place where in town has Ms. Liberty and if I never see the ChickFila Cow will be tooooo soon.)

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