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Originally Posted by jsp
Thanks for the info guys, I was just curious. Being new to the cruise experience we weren't sure what to expecect after watching to all those love boat episodes back in the day!

Most cruise lines have packages you can buy for honeymooners. For example, Holland America has a "Just for Us" package where I think you get some perks such as a table for two in the traditional dining room (something that's often hard to snag without staying in the upper level accommodations or having lots of days sailed with the line), dinner one evening in the specialty restaurant onboard, cabin decorations and maybe a day at the thermal spa. You probably also get some sort of a cake in the dining room one evening.

But few cruise lines will "give" you anything ... unless maybe you did your wedding onboard and brought a large group of people along with you. Then you might get some special group amenities, such as a cabin upgrade, etc., as a result of the group booking.

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