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Default Re: Formal Nights

Originally Posted by Rev22:17
Parrot Mom,

Originally Posted by You
Ah Norm... we were on the Constellation in September and Parrot Pop was NOT out of place wearing a black jacket and pants..We were not drummed out of the dining room..there were a few others dressed less formally..i.e. without a jacket..and NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY at our table for eight wore a tux.. and these were certainly experienced cruisers.. We will being doing the Pacific Princess shortly and Parrot Pop will bring his dark and light sport jackets.. and even, I repeat even.. on an NCL cruise with freestyle dining he will do the same t hing.. The hassle of bringing a tux or renting one is a bit much for u s.. and as somebody said is "old hat'..did it for more than 20 years..enough..Oh yes.. I will be dressed to the "nines"..
Yes, you are correct that a "tux" is not strictly necessary. The dress standard for the "formal" evenings is what's now called "modified black tie" -- which means that gents may wear either a dinner jacket outfit (or tuxedo) or a dark business suit and ladies may wear either a full length dress or a formal cocktail dress.

I do think that most passengers on Celebrity tend to be a bit dressier than most passengers on Princess, though the short cruises (four or five nights) in the Caribbean aboard MV Century may well be an exception.

Over the years I think you and I have battled Norm, but I have never met a nastier group who think that Celebrity people are snobbish than on the Princess board that we are on.. Even on an NCL cruise that we have booked (, we will dress....
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