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Originally Posted by CA Cruiser
We bought a small blow up pool for the baby, will get an umbrella stroller and bring an extra pack and play or our cabin. Any more tips for cruising with an infant?
This is my first time cruising with an infant/toddler too but one great tool we used when we took our daughter (10 months old at the time) on vacation last year was a PeaPod travel bed. It's a bed for infants that looks like a little tent. We bought ours on Amazon but I know they are sold other places too. A couple reasons we liked it so well: it's really light - only 7 lbs or so and folds up into a circle about 15 inches in diameter and 3-4 inches tall. If you have to fly to get to your cruise it's nice not to have to lug a pack-n-play along; it's easy to set up and take down so if you want a little more room in your cabin during the day that is nice; it has flaps on each side that can be open or closed if you want less light to come in. I had our daughter try it a couple times at home before we went on our trip and she did great in it. Just a thought... Have a great time!!!
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