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Originally Posted by mountain dog
I would book the spa/pool area for the week. After you board and have lunch go to the spa and book it. It will be worth it. Let the grandfolks watch the child for awhile and enjoy some alone time in the hot pool and the heated ceramic lounges. This will totally relax you and the peace is priceless. My wife and I do this and it is a highlight of our cruise experience. Go ahead splurge alittle it is worth it. The experience is so rejuvenating. I think the cost is $250.00. It is alot of money,but so worth it. Have a wonderful time and let nothing spoil it.......MD

I have severe back problems and my doctor suggested I try the hydrotherapy pool, so I booked as soon as I got on board for the week.

I am the opposite to mountain dog - I did not like it - thought I was going to drown in the pool - the pressure of the water was too much for me. Then when I tried to get onto the rods at the side of the pool, I hurt my back and had to get out of the pool. I then went to the heated ceramic lounges and nearly fell off trying to get on the table. That was it for me - my back was worse. Fortunately the manager at the spa was very nice and returned my money.

Personally I would try it for a day and if you enjoy it, then book for the week.

Enjoy your cruise.
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