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My husband (Yves) and I have sailed on NCL, RCL, Celebrity, Carnival and Princess. We have to give it to Princess hands down. First of all, it's really nice to see that they have gotten rid of calling it "Friends of Dorothy". Heck, We don't even know a thing about Dorothy Parker. But we have always had the meetings hosted by a crew member and people introduced around. It has always been a pleasure.

Many years ago we had an incident with a formal night and a photographer. (He skipped our table, maybe assuming things) When we mentioned it to the Maitre d' he couldn't have been nicer about it. We got a beautiful apology and we were treated so well.

On our last trip with NCL one of our team mates from trivia comes in and asks us what "Friends of Dorothy" are. He didn't know, figured he would ask at the front desk but they refused to tell him. It was just odd. We also had a gentleman on the ship who would yell "There go the brothers" when we walked by him on the ship. Just odd.
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