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Originally Posted by popsec
We've been on 17 Carnival cruises and only 2 NCL. We just got home from a 4 day cruise on the Sky and loved that ship! It didn't seem as crowded as the Carnival ships we've been on, less chaotic on the pool deck, less announcements. On the down side, we didn't find the food nearly as good in the main dining rooms as on Carnival. NCL's breads and pastries are great!

Cabins on the Sky are smaller than Carnival's cabins. Service on both lines seems to be comparable.

I enoyed the Sky so much that I talked my husband into booking a B2B on the Sky in Nov.
great, love to read about converts or 1/2 converts. This isn't to say you won't or shouldn't cruise Carnival again, but if you like the Sky this time you will love it next time I am sure.

Thanks and I really think most mass marketed lines are as much a like as different, especially NCL, RCI and Carnival...Yes, carnival cabins certainly are a bit bigge.

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