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Originally Posted by popsec
Actually when we were on the Spirit 2 1/2 years ago I wasn't all that impressed and said I'd never go on NCL again unless we got a great deal........the Sky has changed that thinking. We've still got 2 cruises booked this year on Carnival and will continue sailing them (love the platinum perks! ). But at least now I know there's at least one NCL ship I really like and it opens the door to the possibility of others
Many folks love the Spirit. It is clearly not my favorite NCL ship. I have been on every ship currently in the NCL fleet. I have to admit I was only on her for a 1 night cruise. The ship clearly has some features I really liked but in general I did not like the feel of the ship. That is why ther are so many different ships and lines for all of us. We are all different.

The last Carnival ship I was on was the Spirit. It was great. The balcony cabin was larger then most NCL ships. My boys loved the pizza. There is clearly more in common with Carnival and NCL then different. Freestyle and MY NCL Platinum perks keep me returning to NCL. Right price and right itinerary I would have no problem with Carnival.
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