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Originally Posted by subtropic
On my very first cruise (back in 1982) I wore a tux. Have not taken one since. Yes they are a nice throwback to formal dinners but are really not advisable (for the extra stuff you pack). A small minority still sport the formal attire but a dark suit will fit the bill.
Now that the airlines are charging for extra bags, I think there are even fewer tuxes. On our last cruise, I am not sure if I saw more than one or two. My husband always used to take a tux, but not, now -- because of the packing, particularly the extra shoes. He has big feet, and he really needs to minimize how much foot wear he brings. Before extra luggage fees, we had one bag, just for his shoes.

Although he looks smashing in a tux, it used to take some work from me getting him ready -- the cumberbund, the bow tie, the shirt studs, the suspenders, the vest adjustment! Beyond, "Honey, zip me up." I don't require much help, and I am happier now that he doesn't, and I can just get dressed. Poor guy -- he never liked wearing one, anyway.
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