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Default Re: Dont do it, think of your family

Originally Posted by DavidBgood
Dont let the devil stand on your shoulder, its an evil practice, gambling.

Why because it is all lies..not only to the individual, but to those around them. Give it up, you never win apart from the short buzz you get at the time, then reality kicks in everytime , usually "the next day"as to what you have done with your families money. Okay you live with it.
Devil? Really? How about the idea that people just enjoy gambling. I'm sorry if you (or someone you know) had so little self control and were so selfish and weak that they ruined their families. However, we as adults make choices everyday that impact our own lives and the lives of people around us. If an individual is too stupid to manage their own life, maybe it is better if a family is destroyed and children are placed with parents who have some sense of life's responsibilities and care more about their own pleasures.

There is no "Devil" that makes you do things. You make stupid choices. Take some responsibility for your life. Blaming the devil is what foolish, selfish morons do so they never have to face the consequences of their own decisions.
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