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First of all, congratulations. Certain lines do have honeymoon packagages you can purchase to have sent to your stateroom. Definitely go for the best stateroom you can afford. If you can afford it, at least a premium balcony.

As far as finding a good travel agent that specializes in cruises, go to, click on Vacation, then click on Find A Travel Agent and then put in your zip code(If this doesn't work you can try your area code as well). Look through the list for ones with an ACC, MCC, ECC, or ECCS certification. These agent have specialized training as well as personal experience in cruises.

For an agent to get an ACC certification, they will have had to go through 80 credits of training, 2 cruises, 5 shipboard inspections, and have sold 25 cabins. Any agent above that is obviously better trained so you will be in good hands with anyone with an ACC or above certification. Also, a piece of advice. Get insurance and get it early. You would be amazed how often people don't buy it and end up needing it.

Please, do enjoy your honeymoon and the rest of you life together.

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