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Drunks as an adult I can deal with, me and them as adults. I can try to talk to them, I can try to calm the scenario, I can react verbally, and if they go over board in how they present themselves, then I can stick one on their chin,,,happy, sorted. They are adults

Cheeky Bstard children, I walk away and blood pressure rising. They have been taught to be so open and are now mini-people in some peoples eyes That one, gets me

one,, I cant discuss it with them, my thought process,. They are children, not mine, and I would never try to justify my adult opinion or thought process to a child

and two

I cant give them a good kick up the arse when they go past the point of acceptance for most adults. Kick up the *** being even talking and saying NO

Thats most adults problem when dealing either at home or on a ship with other peoples kids.

Change the laws that take social responsibility and PC reactions away and let me kick one of these little S*its up the A*rse. Plus drag their parents across and give them the book that has never been published regarding how to bring up children.

Seen a lot of sad things in my life, but the saddest has got to be adults pressurised into a scenario that they cannot chastise a child and the child takes the upper hand due to threatened "legal" action..mmm

When will someone come up with such a plan or law that protects us, the adult from these little sh*ts

vent over
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