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Originally Posted by reverendjeff
I am curious as to which ship you will be on. Maybe some of you "seasoned" (polite word for old) cruisers can help me out a bit. I spoke to a Carnival rep at my T.A.'s office a few weeks ago about Calica. I have been there several times. She said they are no longer allowed to go there because the government of Mexico does not allow it. She told me that the sand at Calica is very unique in that it maintains a constant temp, no matter how much heat you apply to it. For this reason, so she stated, NASA used this sand for the heat shield construction on the space shuttles. She went on to say that in cultivating this sand the reef was damaged to the point that cruises are now going to be banned to this port.
Is there truth to any of this story?
I don't think so. They can only take one ship at a time so there was never a lot of scheduled stops there. Also as ships have become larger they are too big for Calica. Fantasy class is as large as they can take so that cuts down the options. Those are more likely reasons.
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