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Originally Posted by CruiserEK
Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by CruiserEK
I choose none of the above. I believe that a rude, nasty, and arrogant cruiser is the worst to be with or even near. A drunk guy or a misbehaving child you may only see once and never again during a cruise. Dealing with a rude, nasty, and arrogant cruiser can leave a bad taste in your mouth for the remainder of the cruise, especially if you got into an argument with one of them.
Details please. There is a lot of difference bewteen rude, nasty, and arrogant. Depending on the person nasty could be fun. Did you have a personal experience that would help to create a picture of this person?
The rude, nasty, and arrogant people that I'm talking about are the ones who hog seats (i.e. deck chairs, show lounge seats, etc.), the ones that are loud (except for the sports bar or during a sports game viewing), the ones who cut in line or the ones who save someones place in a line, the ones who yell at you for being in their way even when they can go around you, the people who block pathways, and the people who get in your face when you politely ask them a simple request.

I've haven't had any major personal experiences. But the amount of rude, nasty, and arrogant people I have had to see and deal with on a cruise exceeds the amount of misbehaving children and drunks combined. There was at least one major event that occurred with my mother. She had an arguement with one of them on the last cruise that we went on. I don't know exactly what went on because I wasn't there. This is what I heard from my mom and another witness. Early in the cruise my mother and a few other people were waiting to get a deck chair as the staff was arranging them on the deck. All of the sudden, another woman came by and decided that she was going to take and move a few of these chairs for herself to save, including one of the chairs that my mother was about to take. My mother tried to intervene and attempted to move back one of the chairs and possibly tell her that she couldn't save chairs. After my mom did that, the other woman flipped out and started arguing with her. After the argument was broken up by security, they went their separate ways. However, for the remainder of the cruise, some of the other members in my family were on the lookout for the other woman so there wouldn't be another argument. There were a few close encounters with the woman through the remainder of the cruise.
I know these people, I agree with you I should have added them to the list. We had one at the "Legends" show on our last cruise. The "Legends" show is the one on Carnival were the passengers perform. I really like to cheer them on, because it takes a lot of guts to do that. This older woman was with her husband in the seats in front of us. Everytime we would cheer she would cover her ears, until finally she got up and picked a fight with my sister and this nice lady we had met in Karaoke. The rude older woman stomped off, her husband stayed (I thought that was interesting). I don't believe we did anything wrong. I doubt the passenger performing wanted to sing thier songs in complete slience. Had it been me I would want the audience cheering me on.

The next day at the breakfast buffet I got in line; the husband and woman were in front of me. She didn't know me from the night before. She didn't aruge with me directly. She left her husband alone in line to get her food. He and I chatted, he was a really nice guy, I feel bad for him, he deserves better.
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