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As former formal night advocates, not formal night (if you want to) formal night (if you do not want to) formal night with blazer, formal night with no jacket but a long large tie. It has all become ridiculous. Oceania had the right idea ions ago… if the customers say they do not want it, don’t schedule it!!!!

It was nice while it lasted… so was the Titanic!!!. For heaven’s sake get rid of formal nights and we will all be much happier. Those who want to wear formal wear do so at your country club, do so at your daughter’s wedding, but let’s get use to the idea that there are no more REAL formal nights on the high sea. There can now only be those under false pretence where most passengers do not adhere to the code and the host company could care less in enforcing it.

When something that has been dead for some time becomes rancor, for heaven bury it!
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