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Well, it's perfectly obvious there's something wrong when someone grown up enough to be of college age falls off a hotel balcony. Where's congress when needed? Out chasing crime on cruise ships no doubt !! We need OSHA to fully inspect and regulate the balconies--need netting, need warning signs posted inside the rooms, need several signs posted on the balcony rails and of course, need to raise the balcony rails the entire height of the balcony so they're more like jail cells than balconies. Of course too, the rails then would have to be closely spaced so no idiot could force their head through the bars and choke themselves to death. The hotel staff should be made to read a written statement to all guests twice when they check in regarding the dangers of climbing about on the balcony rails. Just a myriad of things the Gov. can do to protect people from themselves.
Or, maybe we should do the common sense thing and let nature cull out the idiots--it usually works better that way.
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