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Ok so we've lived and learned about cruising now that I've read all the posts which were excellent. This is what I've learned just like when I had friends stay with me at the beach for a few days when I was a lot younger. They thought I was their maid. Thank goodness it rained and we came home!

1. Cruise with someone or a couple that you know have been with you through good and bad, highs and lows and don't give a hoot about what you do for a living and who you DON'T have to impress!
2. Cruise with the above so that you know they won't throw hissy fits if they aren't together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! When my husband and me got married, we made sure we kept our friends because some day those friends will be here when one of us are not!
3. Married couples who don't trust one another should NOT cruise! My mantra "married not dead" and "look but don't touch"!
4. Family cruising together is great if everyone is able to go their separate ways and come back and tell funny stories!
5. As grandparents who have temporary custody of a now 3 1/2 year old little girl, I am not neurotic and after seeing how she fell in love with Camp Carnival and two little friends from Colorado (fortunately close to her where her cousins live), I will never force her to stay with us if she wants to go there. We just have two rules - meals together and excursions together and we will never torment her with a ruins tour. She can do that when SHE'S older and cruising with HER friends or family!
6. Speaking of grandparents, don't just take your grandchildren with you because you HAVE to, take them because they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy their company!
7. My final advice come cruisemate issue: neat cruisemates should bunk together and the other should bunk together! Unless you're like me and that neat cruisemate has a very good effect on you! :0
Theresa and Dave
"Tragedy plus time equals humor. You'll end up laughing about it later."

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