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Marty, my response was NOT to you, at least we can talk, but aimed above you. But with subjects like drink, drugs, gambling, and sober anger, ie mental people that have anger issues. If people are true then these are the biggest demons most other folks have to deal with, day on day, either in partner or in parent.

It would be great if eveyone could just do most vices in tolerance, but for me life has taught me it dont work that way for all.

When it does fine, and when it don't,,,mmmm. My comments are aimed at those that PUSH IT, not Mr or Mrs Joe Normal, as they know when to stop on all apart from drugs.

Bet you could name at least two "friends" that in any know vice... don't know when to stop... and it bothers you. And that could be a simple thing like they are a gossip, and they cant help it. They have to TELL

But being one of those can actually effect other peoples lives, but they dont see it that way, they see a "harmless" bit of "did you hear".

Compulsions come in all shapes and sizes, and not just gambling. Problem is some cause a bit of grief if found out, others can cause financial problems when found out and reality to be faced because of what one person did in the name of fun
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