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Fair enough and I wish I had your patience. But personally I get more wound up on a cruise by other people’s children than I do by adults.
And it will manifest its self in all sort of places, I am so pleased Mike that you never experienced this.
My favourite is children in the dining room being treated as adults on a shared table, ie they talk a load of Sh*t to me and the parents expect me to react and "talk to the little person" in a sort of "equal" way and attitude.
Excuse me, but I was talking to an adult on a subject to another adult, and you just let your child chip in, give an opinion and you expect me to

1/ Accept the ignorance of your child interrupting me
2/ Respond to said child as an equal
3/ Expect when talking to adults, children seen and not heard unless talking with or dealing with their own parents, works every time

The debate is flawed as both are problems and one not better than the other for most folks
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