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Default Re: buying versus renting a tux for a cruise


Originally Posted by You
What does everyone think about the age old debate of renting versus buying a tux for a cruise? On the one hand I can get a really nice tux for around $200 or less but on the other it may be better for me to rent since I am trying to pack light.
You can buy a good tuxedo (jacket and pants) for $99 at J. C. Penney. The trick is to go to a tuxedo shop and get decent shirts and decent vests or cummerbunds with matching ties, then go to a good shoestore and get a decent pair of evening dress shoes (which you also can wear with a business suit). Remember that you will need two to three shirts and sets of accessories for cruising. The package, except for the shoes, will come to about the cost of two to three rentals.

So, should you rent or buy?

>> If you are reasonably certain that your next cruise will not be your last, or if you have other occasions to wear formalwear (a "gala" evening for your favorite charity, for example), buying formalwear is the way to go.

>> But if you don't anticipate another occasion to wear formalwear, renting is the less expensive option. This situation would include (1) anybody who is taking a first cruise and is not sure of wanting to do a second and (2) anybody who is very likely to outgrow formalwear before another occasion to wear it comes around (children, for example).

I hope that this helps.

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