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I voted for B....The Drunk Guy

So far what I have come across with kids while cruising is teenagers hanging out at the stairs, twice I walked into an elevator with all the buttons pressed, and once kids were hogging up the hottub however I went in there anyway and a few of them left....I guess they did not want to hang around with a old lady like myself... :o
So far none of these issues were enough to bother me. We shall see what the future cruises hold and if there is an issue with a kid that would make me change my vote to A. So far so good.

Now last months we were at Bolero's it was 1am the crowd was fun the band was great and many people dancing. Here comes the drunk to start trouble...he said something to a girl on the dance floor and touched her arm....well she was dancing with her BF. Words were exchanged and then punches started flying. Fellow cruisers broke up the fight. Security got there and had to get everyone's side of the story. Meanwhile there are the folks at Bolero's that were enjoying the nite now the nite was cut short for Cruisers because of a stupid drunk guy.
The band stopped playing and it was called a nite meanwhile if the drunk did not start trouble the normal closing time is 2am. So the Drunk took 1 hour of our dancing, drinking and chatting with fellow cruisers away from us.

I hate drunks that can't control themselves.

And that was the First time a saw a fight on a cruise.

Oh and while the fight was going on there was a painting there that was knocked over I was hoping it was damaged so the drunk can pay for it.
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