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Oh my! Here I am enjoying my bottle of scotch while I read the cruise message boards and dream of my next cruise. I was able to cruise once, when I won the Pick 3. I won $1800 and was able to take my husband and me on a 3-day cruise. It was the best experience of my life!

My game is poker and blackjack! I am king (or Ace-King if you appreciate the odds).

I am the father of 5 kids. I also am a foster family. I try to keep at least 2 foster kids in my house at all times. That way I can generate enough money to play poker each month at the poker club.

Let's just say, if Daddy has a good night it's Mc Donald's all month long. If not, it's peanut butter & jelly!

With my tax refund and my 401(k) sell (I sold everything because the stock market sucks!) I am taking my sexy wife on a 5-night cruise in June! I'm sure we will be in the Casino every night and closing the bars down. Good luck Nassau!

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