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:evil: And that is what a multitude of crusers and us on the Radiance cruise during Rio Carnival week Feb 15 to Feb 28 2009 feel about Royal Caribbean's BAD ATTITUDE on the fact that we caught them with a price so high comparred to what the price should have been for the Carnival Samba Parade after we attended the Parade.. They OVERCHARGED everyone who purchased from them $1000.00 for a pair of tickets and refuse return of it. THEY IGNORE REALITY OF BEING CAUGHT. THEY ARE ARROGANT. The credit card company was unabel to help because the tour was bought more than 60 days in advance of my complaint to them.
Royal charged all those that bought from them $650.. per ticket. At the event we found the tickets for sale in the Carnival Brocure for $150.oo per ticket for the same section we were assigned to and the same night.
Royal Carribean has acknowledged that they will not refund the overcharge. There layers of "customer service" people are worthless.
I cannot use the words here to express my anger but i can tell you that if you cruise with rcc make sure you DO NOT buy any tours from them. The same tours can be bought just off the ship, on the internet or at the tourism office in the town you are visiting for one quarter of their price. They offer no benefit to safety. AVOID BEING ABUSED BY RCC. They took an extra $1000.00 from me and it will now cost them a former good customer. There are other companies to sail with for sure. I'M HOPING THAT THIS RECESSION NOW WILL PUSH THEM INTO BANKRUPTCY. Take my advise avoid their ships.
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