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I make it easy for the TA, I go in prepared. I know the dates, ships, and cabin preferance. However, one agency I dealt with dropped the ball multiple times.

First problem--I booked 10 months out and I paid my deposit and the agent was so busy she said she would email me my receipt/proof of payment for the deposit. I waited six weeks..I emailed the agency to find that agent left and someone else took over my file.

Problem two--the agent I was given was so busy he couldn't get the ship name right, the dates right, and he was so busy with other clients I was low on the list because I was still a fair waits out for my departure or I wasn't spending enough money at the agency...

Problem three--I asked for a flight deviation and said that I was ready to pay the $50 and whatever the different would be to get a better flight (other than ared eye). Well, he called, said it was possible to do the deviation on the flights I wanted and that it would cost me a total of $160 more. I said YES to it and for Carnival to charge my credit card. I waited, and waited. Needless to say the date that they set the flights came faster than waiting for them to change the flights. It was never changed and my card was never charged. I called and asked why and he didn't call Carnival to do the change...UHM hello!!!!!! Carnival booked me the red-eye flight to Miami via Toronto. The air deviation price jumped from $160 to $300 if I wanted to change to the United flight.

The agent wondered why I opted for edocs vs paper. Gee, I wonder why. They screwed up often enough that I didn't want THAT to get screwed up as well!!!

I did find a angecy that is very good and the ladies who work there are firnedly and listen to what I want! I did end up using a PVP for my Jan 2010 cruise because when I went to go book at the agency Carnival's agents (three of them) insisted the sailing was chartered when the day before it was still open for bookings). I called and got a PVP who knew what they were talking about and I didn't want to get the run around again, I booked it!!!

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