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Originally Posted by WildRover
I am not sure I follow...
Did you know RCL was charging $650/pp for the excursion when you booked it?
Or is it that you found out Carnival charged less for the same excursion?
We had been told that Rio was the most dangerous city in the hemisphere for tourists and to stay with the cruise line tours.....Rcc had confirmed this on the telephone in a conversation one day with them. So, we did not research other options. Yes we paid them up front and way up front because we were told the tour had limited availability of tickets. So for a Feb 20th 2009 tour we paid them "in full" $1300.oo back in early October. We found out the the actual price of the tickets for the section they sold us was 300 REAS (Brazilian money) which converts to our funds at less than a total of $150.00 at time of purchase in Oct 2008. As it turned out they sold and sold and sold tour tickets on board the ship and sent over a three night period of 500 passengers at this price to the Samba Parade. RCC knew exactly what they were doing. No doubt in anyone's mind that RCC gouged them. And it is too late for me to file a complaint with American Express as they only go after "bad eggs" for a period of 60 days after the charge is made. My only recourse now is "to get even" and help put a dent in RCC future earning by making everyone who will listen be aware that they abuse their clients with zealous profits and send out form letters that say" thank you for your concern, and, we will try to improve our service for you in the future". As far as I am concerned there will be no future with them.

I noticed you have a reservatiuon on their new "cattle car", the Oasis.
Six thousand passengers flooding small towns in the carribean all at once along with other ships in the port........What a Zoo these morons are making out of tourisim. And unless you have a cabin near the center of that ship you will need rollar skates to reach the dining rooms and other rooms. To get to the dining room for your 9 PM dinner I suggest you leave your cabin at 6 :15 PM. Why do you want to sail on this thing ? You will never see the same person twice, you will push and shove at the picture sell area, the shops will only have larger quantities of the same tired overpriced "bargains", You will have to put a pool towel on the chaise at 5:15 AM to have the chaise (it will stay all day as they have cut back on help on the ships too. Get set for $4.75 charge in the Dining Room for real orange juice per glass. Bring your own chocolates for your cabin at night, they have eliminated those too. No more Terry Robes and Slippers . No more shower Caps, and no more lotions. Bring lots of charge card mony for the special dining or you will find Denny quality level food on the menu. The Showroom will be so deep that unless you get to it an hour before show time you wont be able to make out faces on stage, I could go on and on with thoughts on it. Wait until you try to disembark this ! My advise.....cancel it. Spend a few dollars more and go on a classy cruise on one of the better cruise lines that use ships under 2000 passengers, or try a river cruise in Europe on a 150 passenger river boat and have a new kind of fun. Dump RCC !
Thanks for listening.
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