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Obviously you are very angry, and we all understand that and why. Just a few points to make here. First, I'm sure the price you paid included more than the tickets, probably transportation, food, guide and security. It is a well known fact that ship's shore excursions are more expensive, however, you usually get more for it. Included is the assurance the ship will not leave without you if a problem occurs on the shore excursion, a perk you do not get if you book an excursion on your own.

Second, Cruisemates is a pro-cruise web site. And on the Royal Caribbean portion of the message boards, you will find a lot of very knowledgeable past Royal Caribbean cruisers, and some newbies doing some research before their next or first cruise. Cruisers, like myself, that have cruised RCI many, many times and love the product. While we can try and help you better understand the cruise and shore excursion product, or help you deal with Royal Caribbean customer service, you're not going to find cruisers here that are going to drop their cruises or fail to book their next RCI cruise because of your experience. We are experienced RCI cruisers like I said. It's really not proper etiquette to come onto the Royal Caribbean board and start slamming RCI to a group of pro-RCI cruisers as a first time poster. We understand and respect your anger, Cruisemates welcomes all points of view, but just understand that your anti-RCI and anti-Oasis OTS point of view will not get posters here on the Royal Caribbean message board that will agree with you.

Finally, if you found other aspects of your cruise experience pleasing, perhaps you can find another cruiseline that better suits you to cruise on. You can try another cruiseline and join that particular cruiseline's portion of the Cruisemates message board to post on and really enjoy this wonderful online community of cruisers called Cruisemates. You'll find some really great articles on this website to help you choose a cruiseline, a cruise ship, shore excursions, get the best price and lots of other areas of the cruise experience. Good luck to you, I hope your issues get resolved and you can find another cruiseline and have a truly wonderful cruise experience on your next cruise.

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