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Originally Posted by travelgalSue
Can anyone tell me the number of cruises it takes to get to the various levels that CCL has? My last cruise with CCL was #11 my card was gold. Rec'd a CCL bag and early embarkation/debarkation with that cruise. I had a lady tell me she heard it was now only 7 for gold, so has it changed? Liked seeing the new cards in the photo now I know what my next one will look like in gold. Thanks in advance for any info you pass on.
It is still 1 - BLUE
2 through 9 - GOLD
10 through 24 - PLATINUM
25+ - PLATINUM with the Milestone Rewards Member LOGO

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

Hubby ... DIAMOND (every ship except the Carnivale)
Me ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale)
20 year old son ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale...he is the only DOUBLE Milestone under the age of 21)
24 year old son ... DIAMOND
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