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Dear Scott;
Everyone in business is in business to make a profit. I too am an independent businesman and understand how much "margin" is needed to make a profit and stay in business. Obviously your reply indicated you don't understand this and or you are in the employ of RCI. No one needs this kind of "margin" and obviously they thought they wouldn't get caught.

Their bus ride to Carnival may have been worth ten or fifteen dollars a person. A round trip taxi from the ship to the Carnival facility was $13.00 including trip as confirmed by other people who didn't get caught in this gouging situation. There was no food, and there was no special security. We were in a grandstand with a mob of people and there were no extras from RCI. IS THAT CLEAR TO YOU ??

Scott, for your information there was no "nice reasoning" with RCI. The replies from them were all Bull! Their attitude to correct the issue sucked because they offered nothing but a sweet "were sorry" approach on their form letters. Frankly they desrve to have my greif and I am good at giving as I received it from them. Could i be any clearer?

Yes i am aware that this is a RCI website designed to fool newcomers and I am doing exactly what should be done to a company that abuses it's customers and unless I spend time in a court sueing them in a class action suit the only way I can get satisfaction against them is to tell the truth on thier website and let the real people know that they in my opinion are a crummy company to do business with for a vacation cruise. And yes you can bet that they will never see another dime of my mony and of anyones mony who recognizes their actions.

As for Oasis and it's jumbo size.........I hope you enjoy being lost on that monster and that your room is truly at the back or front of the ship. You might want to plan a day in advance for your travel time to any of the venues and in the theatre of entertainment bring 10X magnifying glasses. Oh what fun. As for the food and nickel and dime approach that RCI has acheived....bring change and a large Debit card. Plan on downgraded quality and a bad assortment of sme old food everyday upstairs in the cafeteria on the top deck.

My purpose now as you can see is to make sure no one gets screwed by RCI as they have done to me and others on this Samba ticket issue. You see, I am not mad , I am just doing what I promised them I would do if we did not get refunded the extreme overcharge., and I am going to continue to tell about it. There are plenty of other websites as well that I will write on. RCI will just love the publicity. In addition I plan on writing to magazines, newspapers and even the major TV networks . All of these guys love "meat" like this and because it is all absolutely true may just latch on it for major stories and TV presentations.
And your right, I do not need their Crown and Anchor club or anything from them. There are much better choices and places to spend hard earned mony. I hope that ship sails as close to empty as possible as a reward to them. I hope they go bankrupt very soon. :evil:

Scott if you don't work for them......get a life !
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