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I'm sorry Scott;

I did not mean to "pound" on you except that your email sounded just like their (RCI) canned reply and thus i felt you sounded like an employee.

Looking at your sailings I can tell you that I suggest that you broden your sailing experience. There is no doubt that some of the other cruise lines might have consumer problems, but these people at RCI just so aggravated so many people on this issue that they need to be "put in place". I volunterred to do that because I am a "letter writer" with fifty years of experience on how to get the truth across "even if it hurts" as learned at New York University during my undergraduate years there.

There are so many finer cruise lines out there. The reality of it is that they don't have to be higher priced. I have sailed on RCI now four times and we went for the itinerary on this cruise or we would not have sailed with them. Truly we did not expect food much better than Dennys. We weren't disapointed. This cruise was the "only cruise in Rio" during the Carnival period. It was docked for three nights. It was what we wanted to do. The entire itinerary was great, but RCI soured the trip by price gouging. Nothing else.

We have sailed with Princess many times and they are the same class of quality as RCI except we were never ripped off by them. We have sailed Celebrity, RCI sister company which is slightly upgraded in food and service and never "ripped-off by them. We have Sailed Holland America several times and they are quality above RCI and even Celebrity on food and service and we were never ripped-off by them. We sailed on Rennisance before their demise (which was caused by too fast a growth and a poor economy) on their great 680 passenger ships and had fantastic everything. We were never ripped-off by them. We have sailed on Carnival, our first cruise and had the fun time of any trip and were not ripped-off by them. We have sailed on Riverboats in Europe, and had magnificent experiences on their tours which are built into their fares and we were never ripped-off by them. On this RCI we were Ripped-off and they, RCI have no conscience ! They disgust me ! Everyone of their clients should know to be careful spending with them. Best yet, take your money back and cruise with other lines that don't abuse their client relationship like RCI did here.

To close our conversation I will say I am sorry if I offended you, but in fact I was just bewildered by your remark that they, RCI might be right, which they are not. If they need to make more than they need to raise the base fare instead of abusing their clients. They don't need to charge $4.50 or $4.75 for a glass of orange juice in the dining room.
They don't need to do a lot of the devious things they do. They need to be legitimate. This time they weren't. They got caught just like Madoff.

Scott, please take my sincere advise, don't sail on that "big-pig" Oasis. I will bet after you get over the awe of it when you get on board you will say this is not the way to cruise.

Kindest regards,
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