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Hey Galveston;

I see I struck home with you. Thanks for taking it with humor as the only thing I can think of funny is that i would like to see RCI go out of business quickly.

There were at least 500 people who paid this figure while we met countless others on the ship that bought this on the net privately On the net they paid anywhere from the $150.00 price for our section to box seats of $400.00 We got a cushion from RCI and no place to sit as our section was so oversold..

I do have four other traveler's email addresses, enough to start a class action suit if it becomes necessary, that we met at the COMPLAINT DESk which had a mile long line of people like us who I am sure have been subsequently turned down the same way as I have been by RCI.
They, RCI really knows how to make friends.

I just had an email from one of the major travel services who did not like what RCI did here and they are going to go after them. I hope i have the ball rolling.

The fun has just begun. I suggest you get your deposit back before the bankruptcy as your credit card company only honors the loss to return to you for 60 days after the transaction.

No more for now. I must do more productive work. Also remember to keep the brake on while you are on that ship if you make the mistake of going.

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