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Originally Posted by Direct to the point Dave
Originally Posted by WildRover
I am not sure I follow...
Did you know RCL was charging $650/pp for the excursion when you booked it?
Or is it that you found out Carnival charged less for the same excursion?

I noticed you have a reservatiuon on their new "cattle car", the Oasis.
Not the "O"... the Serenade. I don't think you'll see me on the "O". It has to tender to most ports or just sail back and forth to the ones it can dock at. Not my idea of a good time. I don't sail for the ship. I sail for the ports.

But I apparently didn't understand the original argument. I thought this was about the different prices between RCL and Carnival. So now I just read the posts. I'll stop responding now.

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