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I missed asking, direct to the point the most obvious was this parade? was this an awesome, crazy party? I would think the parade is to draw the people in so that the hotels and local merchants, etc could make money. It seems to me you sitting in some bleachers or something is not an authentic experience. I've been to Time Square for NYE, there is no fee(just have to get there 10 hours early if you want to get close). I've been to Las Vegas for NYE, There was no fee to watch the fireworks and festivities(just room and airfare). I have been to New Orleans(not for mardi gras but crazy parting every night none the less). In fact I can imagine mardi gras might be too crowded and room rates triple.

I just can not imagine sitting in a grandstand where security is needed and you are not able to walk about freely to see a parade. If this is the case Rio can take this party and shove it unless,I'll ask again was this one of the most amazing celebrations you ever witnessed? If it was to me I'd be able to shrug off getting ripped off.

I'm not trying to be a wise guy I am truly curious, if money was no object, how was this parade!!!!!!

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I know you are busy with your mission and hope you will respond.
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