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I have never been on a ship when a rouge wave hit. However, on my Alaskan cruise we hit some rough waters. I was on Celebrity and at the midnight buffet the Ice Sulptures were moving back and forth pretty good. I was afraid they would fall on my head. This cruise prove to my hubby and me that we don't get seasick even in rough seas.

The rouge wave is crazy. We have earthquakes in the ocean and that can cause those kinds of waves. One of the biggest earthquake ever recorded was in Prince William Sound, Alaska it was a magnitude 9.2. This earthquake had a Tsunami. Here is information on USGS about the Tsunami. The Tsunami took more lives than the earthquake. (tsunami 113, earthquake 15). It's my opinion the reason why rouge waves happen on the Pacific is we have more movement from the plates.

This shock generated a tsunami that devasted many towns along the Gulf of Alaska, and left serious damage at Alberni and Port Alberni, Canada, along the West Coast of the United States (15 killed), and in Hawaii. The maximum wave height recorded was 67 meters at Valdez Inlet. Seiche action in rivers, lakes, bayous, and protected harbors and waterways along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas caused minor damage. It was also recorded on tide gages in Cuba and Puerto Rico.
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