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Default Thursday is here, all be it, just ..........

It's midnight, officially Thursday!

I am dead tired, and I cannot sleep...... I think when one gets over tired, you cannot sleep.

Well, the doors are up and I LOVE THEM. And the males in my life have conceded that they are really nice as well. I could not be happier. Now I really start to see the work pull together. I especially love the new framing around the windows etc. I am glad the wallpaper is gone. While I know wall paper has come back into style, I will never, as in ever put it on a wall again, and yes I know the new papers are easier to remove, but it is still a never ever! I have gotten rid of so much. All donated. Alot is going to a garage sale for rescue.

I found things that one uses for a type writter, correction tape, the letter discs, and so on........Sam said I need to open up an antique store! OK, that desk was in the spare room and it had been a few years since I went through it..........the type writter is also going, that sat under the was electric though, and at the time was considered to be quite fancy! Things have changed in such a short time.

I need to get as much as possible put away in the next two days, on the weekend I am going to the country and go on a packing blitz, and pack most of the stuff. It will get done. Two weeks Friday is official moving day, although a week from now I will be bring several truck loads of boxes to set up the kitchen and bathrooms etc.

One day at a time......Beautiful sunshine today, we expect rain later this week, we need it to wash away the winter much.

Hope every one is having a good sleep and a good day tomorrow.
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