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Good Morning Mates,

A dull, cold day here. Only 25 and I think it may rain.
Yesteday was a long day at work, then back for Bible Study.
Got to bed late, which is normal. And had another restless night. I think the most sleep I have gotten in one night during the last 6 weeks is maybe 4 hours - 3 is more the norm, and it is starting to effect me, I believe. My frame of mind is just not great - I feel overwhelmed.

Off to church again today - not to work tho'. Today is the funeral for my friends mom - who suddenly passed away. My dd will be singing.
Of course, with the brain fog I have been living with for the last 6 months due to med problems, kept me from remembering to order flowers from the Church for this funeral which starts at 11 - so at 9 I will have to call flower shop and pull a big favor and see how we can get something made up and delivered in about one hours time.
Tomorrow I will have to go back to church to get done all I won't be able to do today. This has been an unusually busy week for Church paperwork and it has hampered me from attending to lots of other things that need my attention.

My friend had her first chemo appt. yesterday. She is feeling quite nasueated today, and in the middle of the night her 4 yr. old woke up sick and wanted to get in bed w/ her, but she wasn't able to allow her too, her 10 year old daughter helped her sister as best she could, then the 17 year old son set up the nebulizer machine to administer a treatment. My friends parents will come today, so hopefully they can get the little one to the dr's. She has a fever. I feel so bad for this family.

I just realized that next week is equally busy as this week, plus a busy weekend with my niece's baby shower and such. I need to do some creative planning to make it thru I guess.

BW - hope your dd is feeling better soon.
Delft - so glad you are happy with your room. I hope you get some much needed rest.
RD - I don't watch Lost, but my dd does, and yes, she was blown away.

Well, time to attach the day...wishing you all a nice day
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