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Good morning again CruiseMates,
Jen I feel so bad for your friend, she really has it all coming at her at once. Such heavy things to deal with.

RD that's a good idea, I will do that! I wonder what mystical powers these typewriters have that can keep their owners from sleeping at night? It must go!

I went back to bed only to be awakened an hour or so later by d/h searching for his lunch bag. Mind you, it can't be just any lunch bag, but it has to be his Microsoft Lunch bag, so him and all his techie buddies at work can drool over the some more of the swag he scored at last year's conference. I should have sent him with d/s's Power Ranger's lunch bag, that would have given the guys something to talk about.

I called the doctor's office and asked for something to help d/d, they said they'd give the doctor the message. I hope they get her something to control that bark.

Well I tried some of the new pain patches and ointment the Doctor sent home with me and it is helping quite a bit. It is supposed to help reduce inflammation as well so it seems to be offering some relief and in a few weeks my new orthotics will be in and how things go from there and how long I can tolerate going without any more drastic interventions.

I decided to be just a little bit self indulgent, so today I am going to go and have my nails done. I have a pretty bottle of nail polish here and I think it will look very nice and make me feel better about life in general. I haven't had my fingernails done in several years... so I am way overdue.

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