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Good morning, Mates!

Delft, as I was logging off the computer last night, I noticed your post. My eyes were already half closed, though, so I didn't join you and the other night owls.

Since DH has retired, he has managed to change my body clock! I used to go to bed at 10:00, watch the news, and TV off at 10:30. Now I'm usually still up and about at 11:00. He usually comes to bed around midnight. Since we set our own schedule, I guess it's o.k. I normally wake up before him, so it gives me a few minutes of that wonderful "alone time."

Speaking of alone time, a friend purchased a new RV and DH has gone with him to pick it up. I have the day all to myself! Lunch with a friend, in a little while, and then I may sneak over to the mall!

JoAnne, my DH turned 62 on the 14th! Sending birthday wishes to your husband. Enjoy the family dinner.

Beenie, I hope your sweet daughter feels better soon. Hopefully the doctor will give her a stronger medicine for the cough.

Everyone have a great day. Prayers going out to all my friends in need. I'm always thinking about you!
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