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Hello All,

I've been a lurker throughout the day but everytime I went to post something came up that called me away from the 'puter. And that's not counting the time I had one completely written and inadvertently deleted it instead of posting it!

Mine as I'm sure will everyone else, will be offering prayers on behalf of your friend going through chemo.

BW: I was really sad when I read yesterday about your foot problems. One would think things such as that only happened to elderly lazy such as moi. I so hope the orthotics and the drugs work for you. But if they don't, please bite the bullet and have the necessary surgery before you get to can I spell this............ an old FRAT such as I. And I never even went to college!

Back when I was a young officer on the job I never took my lunch to work. A lot of young recently hired IBM'ers lived in our apartment complex and they all carried a valise. When I aked a friend who had worked for IBM for years why the "newbies" apparently had so much paperwork he laughed and said that the contents usually consisted of only a couple of sandwiches and a banana. As the title of that English Comedy Series goes, they all must were merely "Keeping Up Appearances."

Judy: you are right to IMMEDIATELY jump on any infection, especially if you run a temperature. Nip it in the bud now. BTW, we continue to pray for our special four (you, Delft, Delft's Mum and Luanne) with additional ones added as needed, every night and Wednesday at Church.

Readytogonow: Give it a little more time. If you knew what time we went to bed you'd........well you'd

Blessings on everyone!

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